Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Lights!!!

I thought I would go outside and brave the cold to share some pictures of our Christmas decorations. The middle picture are Santas that my fatherinlaw has carved. We have gotten a Santa every year for Christmas for the past 11 years. He told us however that this is the last year he is going to carve them, so I will make sure I share a picture when we get it. Doesn't he do a beautiful job! The Santa on my front door is a quilt that my mother made and I must say I think this is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. As for me I'm still sewing on Christmas presents and with any luck I will get pictures taken soon, or I am going to be in alot of trouble.
Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Hi Lynn,

    I enjoyed seeing Christmas at your place.
    Love the Santa that your Father has carved and the quilt your Mother made.
    The lights are beautiful - is that snow I see?

    Happy weekend

  2. Yes that is snow Carolyn!! We got 14 inches at the end of November. Have a Merry Christmas!